Malcom E. Musgrave DDS

We are committed to protecting the health and safety of our patients and staff.

During this COVID19 pandemic, we have implemented the following measures to increase safety:

  • Please be considerate of friends and family, as they will be unable to accompany you into the treatment area. 
  • Please knock. We will open the door to allow entry into the Office.
  • We will check your temperature at the front door. 
  • You will complete a Health Screening Questionnaire before entering.  
  • You will brush your teeth. Rinse with diluted Hydrogen Peroxide, Wash your hands. Place a facial mask covering on before being brought back to a Patient treatment room. 
  • We are using High Volume Suction for all aerosol producing procedures. 
  • We are using all OSHA infection control guidelines. 
  • We are wiping all door handles and patient restrooms with disinfecting wipes multiple times throughout the day. 
  • We are washing our hands between patients and very frequently throughout the day to reduce the risk of viral transfer from all individuals. 
  • We strive to keep you safe while maintaining your oral health. 
  • We thank you for your trust in maintaining your health and safety.
Dr. Malcolm E. Musgrave DDS
Dr. Malcolm E. Musgrave DDS